Taking Care Of Your Hearing When You Play In A Rock Band

18 August 2015
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If you just became a rock music band member, you will most likely enjoy the enthusiasm people give as they listen to your music during a stage performance. Many bands will play their music pretty loud, giving their guests an energetic show as a result. Unfortunately, loud music can have a large impact on your hearing over time, making it necessary to take proper precautions during your practice sessions and live performances so you do not suffer from hearing loss. Here are some steps to take when performing to help keep your hearing from deteriorating due to your band's sound.

Watch Your Position

When you set up to play in a club or on a stage for a live performance, position yourself in an area away from the direct sound of the speakers. Have your sound crew place the speakers to the sides of the performing area so they are slightly in front of the band members instead of at the back of the stage where each person would be impacted by direct sound. Place the speakers so they amplify their sound toward the center of the room or area where guests will be watching, giving you a rich sound without you needing to be directly in front of it.

Avoid Alcohol

It is easy to get caught up in the music, turning the sound up louder and louder because you enjoy it so much. When you drink alcohol, you may not be aware that you are putting your volume at a risky level. It is best to keep a straight head and avoid drinking at all when you are performing so you can keep on top of sound quality, keeping it at a constant level that will not be damaging to your hearing.

Wear Protective Gear

Wear earplugs while you are giving a stage performance to help keep your ears from becoming exposed to loud music. Many band members do this so they can play their music at a louder level for the crowd without sacrificing their hearing in the process. People expect concerts to be loud. Since they are not the ones listening to the music at this level frequently, it is a rush for them to be able to experience it so loud when at a concert. If you want your crowd to experience your sound at a loud level, you need to cover or plug your ears with proper sound muffling equipment. Plugs are not really noticeable and earmuff-type gear can be hidden by wearing a hat.

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